Sunday, March 08, 2009

Language day.

It is usually on a Sunday that we send Bonnie to her grandma's place for the whole day. It is because her father has to work on his company project on the weekends -not all the time but usually. It would be very difficult for him to work because she'd want him to be with her. Well, he works weekdays, and by the time he comes back he'd be tired to play much with her. It is too bad, but it is also for her that he works hard.

At least good thing for me is that I can at least concentrate on my language studies. I am learning Hungarian through phrases these days. I was memorizing vocabulary last time and wasn't too successful. I read an article some time ago that learning a language through phrases can be a lot better for some language studies because you can see how and when words are used. In Hungarian, there are so many word forms. One noun or verb can take so many forms that I felt that it was so hopeless. Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Quoting from one article I read.

British Foreign Office conducted a language study recently and concluded that the most difficult language to learn is Basque, spoken in parts of Spain and France, followed closely by Hungarian, which has 35 cases or noun forms. On the other hand, German and Russian languages use a punctuation system said to be among the most difficult ones in the world.

Hungarians say that English is difficult. LOL I said to those who say that to me that they are better off than me because I am the one who has to learn Hungarian. So they are luckier to only have to learn English. :P

Other than that I was also brushing up on my Japanese Kana writing. I have learnt it long long ago. I actually could read a little Japanese minus the Kanji writing. Forgot and trying to remember back again. It's such a waste I think to learn and forget. *sigh* Give a few more days, will start on the Kanji. For me Japanese is hard because of the writing but at least the language itself is a lot easier. Further more because I like the language, maybe that is why it is easier.

So that's it, I have been keeping my brain rather occupied. ;)


si Dyah said...

Syari, finally you have started learning Hungarian (again). It is good that you are very keen in learning other languages! I would very much like to do the same... As soon as I finish my ambitious personal project! Hehe... Won't tell you what it is till it's done. Do not want to start a bad omen...

Haven't been visiting your blog lately, for the reason above...miss your rambling though ;) so here I am to say hello to you!

comey_lote said...

gambatte kudasai!! ahaks!
maybe I should start learning dutch phrases from now on!

Syari said...

Dyah, I'm not actually too keen, the Hungarian I have to learn. I don't want to be depending on others when it comes to things related to my daughter. Talking to her teacher for example etc.

Japanese because I learnt it before, since I'm just staying at home, I should make use of my time for something which is productive.

Syari said...


Domo arigatou gozaimasu! :D My dad once mentioned to me a Malay lady who's husband is a diplomat or working with the embassy and can speak 4 other languages. One of them being Hungarian. Maybe one day you will be able to speak 3-4 languages too.

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