Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now I remember...

Bonnie still at mil's place and her daddy isn't home yet, and I'm sitting here doing my revision (got some kind people to check my work. Olyan boldog vagyok. hee ^_^ ) while listening to online radio. Era FM. Seems like the only online radio I can listen to at the moment. Feels like a student again. Yeah, listened to a lot of music while I was studying back then. Now I remember that I didn't like to listen to Era FM. LOL It's an all malay radio station. Not that I don't like to listen to Malay songs just feel that the station is wee bit too boring for my taste.

My favourite radio station when in Malaysia? Mix FM or Klasik FM. :D Mix FM because they have all sort of English music from the latest hits to evergreen oldies. While Klasik FM (segalanya disini menggamit memori) plays Malay traditional music. I really love classical malay songs. Maybe I'm just a little oldschool too. When I was 17 there was one English radio channel they called Talk radio. Plenty of talk and oldies ( songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s) all the way. It was my favourite station then. The music were great and the discussions were very insightful.

What about here in Hungary? Don't listen to the radio. If I do, I'd listen to BBC radio (the documentaries are interesting) or Juventusz ( a local station) - they play plenty of English songs.

*sigh* Listening to the songs brings back loads of memories. I remember how I liked to on the radio in the mornings while doing housework. I think this is a habit of many Malaysians, i.e to on the radio loudly early in the mornings. I remember that how it was in my neighbourhood. Can hear the radio from the neighbours' houses. Here it isn't like that. Too silent I feel. In Malaysia, when the football fever is on, I could hear the screaming of "Goal!!!" from the neighbours or when I pass by houses while walking back home with housemates after having our dinner outside. Here? Nothing. Can be that people here are respectful of their neighbours, or Malaysians are much much more tolerant. Gosh at the moment I even miss the sound of the ceiling fans that make sounds like helicopters when set to full speed. :P No ceilling fans here. The desktop and standing fans are just getting popular here only now a days.

Oh well... now that I'm here just experience what ever the place has got to offer. Maybe in 10 years time down the road I might look back to this day and think how good it was to be here. :)

P/s: hey can listen to now too... woott!! :D


Kata's blog said...

Are we Hungarians so silent? That may well be the case if compared to the southern and south-eastern nations. Nowadays, Hungarians listen to the radio in their cars while worming through the busy roads to their workplace in the morning. In my family, we turn on the radio as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. While working in my computer I often listen to the Malaysian Klasik FM online (saya juga cinta lagu-lagu Melayu yang lama).

Syari said...

Hi Kata,

Yup Hungarians in their homes are not so loud people I think. People here on their radios too in the mornings - like my father in law - but what I mean silent here is that they don't turn on the radios too loudly like in Malaysia. Sometime very loud you don't even have to on your own radio.LOL We don't dare to try out "karaoke" here too afraid that neighbours won't like it. It is good that people are silent. Just missing the familiar sounds.

I just found out that when I use the Opera browser I could get connected to the online radio stations. Was using firefox. I'm happy now that I can listen to and Klasik fm too. :D

nisha said...

Hi Syari.. i still cant live without music!! hows you and Bonnie doing? take care and enjoy the weekend :)

comey_lote said...

I loved hitz fm.. :-)
I never tried online radio..think I should, somethimes..I usually play the winamp on the computer...

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