Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sad thing to die alone.

A neighbour died in bed 4 days ago. People only found out after she had died 3 days. Lived in an apartment 2 level below us. Here since many elderly people live alone it is rather common that these kind of things happen. My husband's grandma is 94 this year and living alone. My mother in law would give her a call every single day. To talk to her and in case if she collapsed people would find out. Even though I think it is nice to live independantly even when you are old, but it is kind of sad to think that one can die alone and the body would be left for days and even weeks.

I think the best way to die is when surrounded by loved ones. My grandma died with most of her children and grandchildren around. She said she was so tired and wanted to sleep. So she died in her sleep. My mother died in the arms of an aunt. Though my mom's death is still a tragedy since she was still rather young.

Well, I hope to live till I've seen all my grandchildren at least or until I'm not really needed and die surrounded by my family. Though we can never know what truly would happen but one can still hope, right?


si Dyah said...

What a sad way to die.

It is becoming a norm here too to have elderly live alone without their family taking care of them.
I remember reading similar story that happened to an elderly couple.

The husband was bedridden the wife died suddenly...and no one knew that till they both (the couple) found dead a week later!

It was soooo tragic! God forbid...i hope I do not have to die alone. hiks...

What a sad posting you wrote here Syari.

nisha said...

Thats right about what you said dear.. i would like to die in the arms of the person i love the most! but not alone.. no, never.. its scary :)

But sad, some people have to face it.. (sigh)

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