Thursday, March 12, 2009

Such a scatterbrain.

In the morning I heated up some 'fried macaroni' I made last evening (usually prepared in the evening for the next day lunch for my husband to take to work). That was around 10 something in morning. Had my lunch early maybe at 11 because I need to go to tutor at 1 pm. Send Bonnie to mother in law's place at 12.

I finished tutoring at 3 and came back home straight afterwards. Reached home at half past 3. I went into the kitchen and I saw that I didn't put the left over macaroni into the fridge. I held the side of the pan and goodness it was freakin' hot! I forgot to turn off the stove. Hu hu hu.. It was low fire. Some of the macaroni were burnt. The lid was on and there was no burnt smell if the pan was closed.Imagine for how long it was left that way? From around 10 something in the morning till 3 something in the afternoon? And nobody was at home when the stove was on??? Huuuuu... I was a real scatterbrain today.

I was usually the sort who worries a lot. I'd check the place over and over. When I felt that everything is off and secured then I'd leave the house. Once when I went teaching I felt as if I forgot to switch off the stove and I came back an hour earlier because I was way too worried to teach. LOL Another time while we were at Bonnie's dancing class, I felt as if I hadn't switched off the iron and was real worried the entire time. But both times, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. The irony of it, today I really felt 100% sure I off everything. But then it turned out that I forgot to turn off the stove.

Don't think my husband will read this (hopefully not)- He never really reads my blog anyway. Won't be telling him this though, or I'd get a serious tongue lashing or even worse "the look and the silence". Can't really explain how "the look and the silence" from him actually is, but I can tell you that I just can not stand it.

Will remind myself to be more careful next time. That is if I remember to remind myself. yikes...

P/s: I broke the sugar jar in the morning too. Had to vacuum and mop the kitchen early in the morning.


si Dyah said...

Syari, it happened to me too!

Was happily checking out stuff around orchard when suddenly became unsure whether I had left the soup boiling on the stove! I Panicked n almost had a heart attack! (well...felt as if I almost had... You understand what I mean). Rushed back home and The rest of the story was similar to yours!

I read somewhere that women become forgetful during or after pregnancy. Am wondering whether it is true or not, judging from the evidence ( read: me)... Maybe there's some truths in it ya! Haha

comey_lote said...

It happened to me...TWICE!! I had always been a scatterbrain..and the bill was really high!!!
errrr...I hope my husband dont come and read your blog...shhhhh

Syari said...

Dyah, I can really relate! LOL. I realize that I'm a much more forgetful person than I ever was. Can be pregnancy during or after, but it can also be the age. Nge he he he. We're all not getting any younger!

Syari said...

Ida, so we both has something to hide from the husbands. LOL Yeah let's hope none of them come and read this. you get "the look" from Mr.Livingstone too? :P

comey_lote said...

nope..he isn't a give-"the look"-type of person. He will just nag. Yes nag. Just like us, women do.LOL. Sakit telinga lah!!

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