Thursday, April 02, 2009


It is really spring now. The temperature is only 20°C. :) The sun is shining gloriously. It feels so good not to go around in coats for a change. Feeling extremely well these couple of days. Owing to the wonderful weather definitely.

I was having a short chat with a friend a while ago. We somehow ended up talking about choices in life. About how little we can do sometimes. We had a good laugh about a silly question she put forth. "If you can choose which would you be:

a) have lots of money but be fat.


b) have little money but have a great looking body.

Put aside happiness factor. Assume both happy and a physically healthy. Hmmm, money is cool you can do plenty of stuffs with it. Having a great looking body is cool too. Good for the confidence.

I think either way is good perhaps. At least there is a balance. But as life isn't either black or white, in real life the combination can be "lots of money and have great looking body" or "you're fat and have little money". That's real life for ya. LOL

That's the useless chat we had. At least I had a good laugh.

I'm looking forward for the weekend. Going to be great weather too. :) While waiting for my bus ride home I found myself basking in the sun and enjoying it. We Asians didn't understand why the Europeans loved the sun so much. But now I do.


een said...

haha..susah gak nak pilih tu...both ada pro & cons.kt mesia ni kalu buleh nak dok dlm aircon kt oversea ade natural aircon dats y derang suke tak??

comey_lote said...

banyaklah daging salai kat park2 nanti eh..hihi

Syari said...

Een tu soklan quiz tak de penyelesaian ha ha ha. Saja je perhabiskan masa jawab falsampah2 gitu.

Betul lah Een. Kat negara kita matahari ada je sentiasa. Sini lepas berbulan sejuk, teringin nak jumpa matahari panas. LOL

Syari said...

Ida, lama tak guna istilah tuh. aha ha ha. Yg perempuan siap ngan toplessnya. Sampai nipple2 pun nak di tan kan. akakakaka.

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