Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just got to share this.

I have watched this video 3-4 times already and every time I watch it, I would still laugh till my tears came out.

This is a clip from a Japanese show where some celebrities were asked to sit in a classroom where they were shown a video of a Japanese man reading, counting and saying the days in English. It was catastrophe. The rule here is, not to laugh or even smile (seriously it's hard not to laugh), or they will be spanked. By the looks of it, the spankings were real.

You don't need to understand Japanese to enjoy the video.


si Dyah said...

Raaaaawwwww....! LOL

It's a bit cruel...but it is hilarious :D not the spanking part...of course :D

Syari said...

Yeah I think the spanking part is rather cruel. Many Japanese gameshows uses pain as the punishment for not doing things right or give the wrong answers.

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