Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh well...

First of all, don't mind the post prior to this one. Just checking out the new easy way of blogging through my mobile phone. I've tried it before but it was not easy to set up. It seems that the blogger team has improved it and made it a lot easier to set up.

Bonnie was with my mil so I was able to watch a movie on HBO. I watched "Bridge to Terabithia". At first the movie seemed to be like any fantasy child story when half an hour before the ending something really sad happened in the movie. I always cry watching heart wrenching movies. (My late mom told me when I was 3 I cried emotionally watching the cartoon "Smurf" cause Gargamel (the evil dude) caught the smurfs). Getting back to the movie... Gosh I am still pretty sad even hours after watching it. I really don't like how it ended. *sigh*

I didn't really have a good night's sleep for a few days now since Bonnie has been sleeping with us. She'd wake up a few times crying. At times asking to turn on the bedside lamp on. We had a night light for her but it was not bright enough, so will have to buy one of those battery operated, LED light bulbs night-lamp that is bright enough for her. The ones that can change colours. Really don't know when she would really sleep all by herself. Sometimes we feel pity that we couldn't help but allow her to sleep in the middle when she pleaded and cried.

Oh well...

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