Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In the morning we went out to the zoo. Since it is a week day, there are not many people. Budapest Zoo is one of the many places that we enjoy a lot. Love to see the animals.

I like the meerkats. Though not as much as sea otters.

"Say Cheese!!" The male baboon look as if he's smiling. LOL

Do you know that gorillas' noses are different from one another? Before, I thought they all looked the same. Well they still do at a glance.

A board explaining why the difference of length between a hand of a gorilla and the hand of an orangutan. Gorillas do not climb trees but walk on all four on the ground, thus the short fingers. I suppose these are real life sized hand replicas.

A building located inside the zoo. Looks a bit like a mosque doesn't it? I was told that it was actually designed by a famous transylvanian architect. True or not, I'm not sure.

We just had to visit the giraffes.

If you have seen Disney's "Lion King" and know Timon a character in the animation. Well, meet Timon's family member.

In the Budapest Zoo they have plenty of statues like this. At the elephant house they have statues of Hindu deity, Ganapathi or Ganesha.

We didn't see all the animals because we got real tired. The place is just too big.

Finally, pics of my babies.
Okay, okay, this one isn't mine. Little Laszlo. So cute I just had to carry him, kiss him and wish I could take him home.
Bonnie was jealous.

p/s: I saw that there are 32 subscribers of this blog at the moment. The number fluctuates all the time. When there are only 1-2 people who kept commenting, made me wonder - are there really that many people reading this blog?? Maybe feedburner is just kidding me. LOL

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