Monday, April 27, 2009

The week starts.

Don't you sometimes feel that the weekends can go by so fast? I do. Last Saturday and Sunday as usual we sent Bonnie to her grandma. While her daddy worked, I washed, cleaned and scrubbed. Good thing was I could relax and watch tv and played on my DS without interruption afterwards.

Now that the week has started I have Bonnie all to myself for the entire 3 days of the week. While 2 days she'd spend half a day with the grandma. It's pretty good for me as when I come back home then, I'd have some spare time for myself to read, study, cook or even relax.

I already look forward to the weekend though. Feeling slightly exhausted now. Other than doing some colouring, drawing, singing activity with Bonnie today, I had to dance with her too in the evening. Must be getting old. LOL

Looking at some eye creams online then will go offline and go to bed.

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