Monday, May 04, 2009

An addition to the family.

My brother in law just had another son. The fifth one. woo hoo... I came from a large family.
I have 8 brothers and sisters. Myself being the 8th ( one younger bro, making 9 of us altogether). Yet nowadays, I think 5 is one too many, if anyone has more than 3 kids I'd say that they are very courageous and have plenty of energy. Not to mention lots of dough.

For me I think 2 would be enough perhaps. World is over populated as it is... LOL Oh well, it's all a matter of choice. Some people love having many children. It's kind a nice actually sometimes. But for us quality is important than quantity. I don't think we'd be able to give enough attention if we have too many kids. The more kids, the less quality time and the less quality things we can afford to give. If people can afford it - physically, mentally, financially and time wise, they can have all the kids they can have. :)

Anyways, here's the chocolate cake I baked over the weekend. I usually don't take pics, but it looked nice to not have a pic. :)


Dyah Ayu said...

Hey, I thought you said you're no good in baking. Looks yummie to me ;) Congratz for the bro-in-law. Wow, 5 kids in Magyarorszag is really something. Me...maybe one is enough.

Syari said...

Hi Ayu,

Got recipe mah.. Just follow lah. He he he. Yup, taste good. All the calories goes straight to the fat prone parts. LOL

I want a boy next time if possible. :P Make it a pair, have a taste of being a mom to a girl and a boy. Then perhaps that's it then, 2.

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