Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ez és Az.

In many countries, "Mother's day" is celebrated on the second Monday in May. However, we already celebrated "Mother's day" here last Sunday. Both I and my husband didn't remember until we past a florist. So bought flowers for my mil. It is such days like Mother's day that I think of my own mom. My heart aches when I think of her. It's like wanting something so badly but you know that you will never have it sort of ache. However, I know that I am still considered lucky to have had her in my life for 23 years. Some people didn't even get that chance.

Anyway, the weekend came and the weekend will go soon. My husband is having his yearly Spring and Summer allergies. He wore a mask when we went out. People stared. Maybe some may think, "What? Swine flu is in Hungary already??". He wears a mask every year around this time. Pity him.

The temperature touched 30 degrees celcius today. Wow, seems like we are already getting a bit of summer already. Started to eat ice cream for dessert after every lunch. It is like a current addiction of the entire family right now. Everybody feels like eating ice cream everyday. :P Feel guilty of eating too much, but still couldn't help it.

Cleared up the book shelves yesterday and I found the only Malay Novel I have. Looking at it, I felt the urge of reading a Malay novel. I've read that book a few times already. Know the story by heart.

I need to look for Malay novels to buy online. Where exactly can I buy?? The other thing, would they deliver to Hungary for a reasonable price? I regret for not buying more. Guess will read this one instead till I get to buy new ones.

So what's next as a weekend activity? Wish I could say we'd go for a bungee jump or go surfing, but we are just living a quiet life sort of people. Once Bonnie takes a nap, we watch a movie. LOL . The movie "Clean and Sober" starred by Micheal Keaton. He acted as an addict living in a drug rehab center. A favourite actor of mine is in the movie, Morgan Freeman. A good movie for a good relaxing day. :) What more does one need??

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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comey_lote said...

happy mother's day!

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