Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feels like summer.

To be honest, I don't know what season we are in any more. Question I thought Summer would start somewhere around June but we are still in May yet it's already warm. Today evening, I checked the thermometer outside our window and it showed 35 degrees celsius. Either the thermometer is conk, or something wrong with my eyes. But it was rather warm. The weather is really unpredictable sometimes. One day it would be cold the next it can be extremely warm.

We can already buy strawberries. As if it's already the season. I thought strawberry season would be in July or so. Seems like we got it pretty early. No complaints. Eating strawberries nearly everyday. It's the cherries that I cannot stand. Even thinking of them makes my stomach churn. It's because every cherry season we get baskets of cherries to eat. Until one day, my stomach just couldn't take them anymore. Vomiting and stomach aches. That wasn't a good experience at all. Heh

I just hope it won't be unbearably hot this summer. Well, at least I'm happy it's just sandals and flip flops season. Hehe

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