Saturday, May 02, 2009


We just had a hearty lunch of curry, dhal and fried chicken with rice. Our curry powder stock is dangerously low and my husband even asked what to do when it's finished. I told him that I found a few Indian shops in Budapest. He didn't know about that. We usually got our stock from friends.

I find it a little funny that he was the one who worried about running out of curry powder. Yes, he loves Asian food. Most Europeans or non-Asians I know wouldn't eat too much Asian food. But he is different. Just name it, sambal petai ikan bilis, asam pedas, sambal belacan, tempoyak; the list of traditional malay or Asian food goes on, he would eat them all. Eating rice expertly with his fingers.


The first time he ate rice with his fingers he picked lumps of rice with his two fingers, not knowing the correct way we Asians use all five fingers to scoop the rice. I bullied him by breaking the lumps so he had to learn. Took him out for dinner of chilli crabs. His face turned bright red from the hotness of the food,sweating profusely, and looking embarrassed. Pity him. He he he. At least now he can take spicy food. Runny nose, red faced yet could still eat calmly and comment that the food was great. :)

One can say that I feel proud of him or his willingness to accept the food that I enjoy. When he eats what ever I cook and liking them ( he said so upfront. :P) makes me feel appreciated. (don't puke okay.. LOL)Further it makes my life easier too when it comes to cooking. I can cook anything as long as it tastes good.

Promised him to bake chocolate cake this weekend, so will bake one perhaps this evening.


si Dyah said...

Wooow the petai... Is sooo inviting! Hehehe
You can grt petai im Hungary? Wow that is something i never expect to find there!

Sambal oh sambal belacan.. But what is tempoyak? Do you care to elaborate please? In the meantime...let me think about my last visit to lil india last week and start thinking abiut the dhal sambar dosai masala and the sweet burvi!

Ah... Its time to make another trip to lil india! ;D

Syari said...

No cannot get petai here. At least that's what I know. Only see when we meet M'sian friends who has stock. :P

Tempoyak is made out of Durian. Fermented durian paste. Sourish and saltish taste. Malays eat with sambal belacan or make cook a special dish with it. "Gulai tempoyak" yum yum.

Gosh, miss dosai masala back in KL.

Dyah Ayu said...

I think most supermarkets got curry powder, Syari, but I guess those Kotanyi stuff don't really taste like the original :p

At last I could get some time to read blogs lol. Adam sleeps more lately. Missed your writings here :)

Syari said...

Ayu, I got confused for sec just now. Thought you were Dyah... LOL Then you mentioned Adam. :)Maybe he felt that he had learnt a lot and it's time for a rest. :D

I usually use the Malaysian Indian brand curry powder. Either 'Alagappa's' or 'Baba's'. Don't know whether you know these. I need to check the store room.Maybe still have a packet. Got care pack from a friend.

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