Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Labour day.

It's Labour day today and people around the world are on holiday. :) So dear husband is at home for 3 days. Woke up this morning, and saw that he had prepared breakfast and coffee. That was really nice of him. He woke up early to bake bread ( He's the baker of the house since he told me I suck in baking bread). Bonnie was exceptionally happy that her daddy didn't go to work. She almost never fail to wake up every weekday morning just to kiss her daddy and say goodbye when he leaves for work. Not to mention trying her luck asking him not to go to work.For me it is a good thing that he is at home. He would play with her. Maybe take her out to play ball later. I won't have to if I don't want then. :P

Yesterday, before her grandma came to pick her up, we went to the garden to play. About 45 minutes later her grandma arrived and the three of us played volleyball. Okay at least something like that. LOL My mil was good at sports. She often asked me why I don't do sports. She asked me to go for swimming ( she goes for swimming nearly every week), I told her I don't swim, I sink. LOL There's a gym 2 minutes away, she suggested that I go and register there. I'm 50kg and I get badgered to workout, I can't imagine how my life would be if I'm 70 - 80 kgs... hu hu hu. I am a certified part-time couch potato. That's that.

Okay then, going to resume my part-time couch potato job and watch tv with the family. Happy Labour day everyone!!


si Dyah said...

Happy Labour Day Shary...enjoooyyy being a couch potato for a long weekend :D

I read your I imagine that you must be slim and hopefully.... fit, eh? hehehe Dont ever ask what my BMI is ya!!!!!

Am thinking of going back to my usual fitness regime...slowly. As I think I have gained too much pounds to the extend that I started having difficulty in finding nice (and fit loose yet comfy) clothes for moi! huhuhuuuu

Syari said...

I'm not fit. Maybe that's why my mil always ask me to go exercise? LOL

I gain weight easily Dyah, that's why I want to go low as possible (hard actually) so give weightgain space. He he he... Okay or not that logic? Mia ha ha ha

But Dyah, I saw your pictures, you don't look fat at all. Lucky some Indonesian ladies seem not to gain weight at all. Just look at Ayu (Adam's mommy). So lucky so slim... hu hu hu.

noamee said...

salam syari..happy holiday!!

ermmm akak also so easy to put on weight...huhuhu...malas to diet..always makan when I'm to tired but not overweight still maintain...up and down.

lina said...

Hepi Labour Day, Syari!
weh terlambat aku nak komen..kat sana sama dgn mesia erk.

wow, syari jelesnya 50kg! aku 56kg ni pun semput nak bg turun, naiknya maha senang jek hahaha. last berat aku masa pegnan hubby kata badan aku seblm dan kini sama aje..hampeh! kekeke

Syari said...

Kak noamee, kiranya kak noamee jenis susah naik le gak.. he he he... saya kalau makan je apa nak gerenti kembang setaman.

Syari said...

Lina, 50 kg pun susah gak. Ni nak turun lagi jenuh... Lepas turun buleh pulun makan. Mia ha ha ha... Buleh ke gituh??

lina said...

hahaha..part ni yg susah lps turun mempulun lg..kelmarin baru aje hubby ku kata, gemuk! uwaaa...

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