Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hari ini.

Gosh, it's one of those days when I cannot think of a title. :) Well, hari ini (today), we managed to register Bonnie at a Kindergarten which she will likely be going to this September. Here, usually parents would have to register to a few kindergartens and wait and see which one will accept. If the child is under 5, she/he may or may not be taken in depending on the quota. They prioritize kids 5 years above since it is the compulsory age to go to kindergarten. Now since the kindergarten owner is a friend of a friend so we got Bonnie in and don't have to register else where. So we are rather lucky in that sense.This kindergarten, I was told, do have German language sessions as well. But Bonnie won't be learning any German for now. For older kids around 5-6. So if she is there till age 5, perhaps she'd learn some German words.

Hmm... German?? Why not English??

Hmm anyways, we had a look around at Bonnie's supposed class, 2 girls approached immediately and started asking for Bonnie's name. They got last year September. I think they are the same age as Bonnie but few months older, since Bonnie was not allowed to go to kindy because she wasn't 3 years old yet that time.

Within half a minute the girls were buddies. Kids. They can really make friends fast. Bonnie played with them and we left the room. Only about 20 minutes or so later she started to realize we were not there. She looked for us but didn't cry. That's a good sign... hmmm I think. Wait till the first day and we shall see.

Just glad that's settled. Now will have to think about me. What should I do then.


Dyah said... old is Bonnie now? I thought she is younger than my Aqila? Aqila is now in Kindergarten 1.
Do schools in Hungary starts in Summer? or they start at the beginning of the year (jan) like in Singapore?

Mom has to start looking for something to do in between ya? What do you fancy doing? Start making a list! :D

Syari said...

Hi Dyah.

Bonnie will be 4 this December. Here you can send your kid to kindy from age 3. Semester starts in September.

I may teach more classes. :) And concentrate on my language studies.

comey_lote said...

wahh..bonnie dh nak sekolah!!

lina said...


Syari kat sini sama umo 3 thn dah boleh masuk nursery school. cuma hubby ku ini tak kasik sbb sophia masih pki diaper..uish dah tua masih pki...kat nursery pun dorg x mo budak masih pki diapers.

jd sophia kena masuk kindy thn depan, sept jugak. rasanya kindy kat mana2 negara (kecuali mesia) sama kot start sept.

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