Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How come??

How come I cannot stand the heat?? Coming from an all year round warm climate country, I can't even stand a little bit of warm weather?? I usually would walk about 3 km (or more) to and fro when I go to tutor. I would purposely take the bus at a bus stop which is way further than where I should take it from (which is nearer) and even take off at a couple of stops from where I should take off. All because I want to walk more.

However today I found myself cussing at myself for being dumb enough to walk in this kind of heat. It felt like fasting the whole day and you hadn't had a drink for 12 hours straight. x_x Malay would say it, "Mengada-ngada betul". LOL That's what my friends and I would say to some Malays who had lived in a cold country and saying they couldn't take 30 degrees celcius heat. Choiii!!! 30 degrees only already cannot "tahan"?? Choiii!!!

So now I understand. It doesn't matter whether you've lived all your life in a cold country or in a warm country, when it's warm, it's warm. No arguing about that. LOL


si Dyah said...

Bukan mengada-ada laaah! Some people can stand the cold more than the heat. I thought i was one of them... Untill the unbearable hot weather came n lingered on this tiny island! Alamak... Day n night the temp never goes below 31degree Celcius!

Even i started to switch on Aircon -something i hate to do as i feel i would be unkind to earth- to help me sleep at nights :(

Syari said...

Hi Dyah, thing is I can't stand neither. Mia ha ha ha.

Dyah Ayu said...

Hmm zsolt and I are the opposite. I can stand cold, while he can stand heat better :p

So summer arrives early this year, eh? What's the latest trend for fehernemu there? lol you'll see lots of them soon, I bet

Syari said...

Ayu, it's raining these past couple of days. So rather cold than warm now. I like weather like this actually.

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