Monday, May 25, 2009

Job search.

I've been out of the job market for years. When Bonnie starts school I plan to just go get a job. I worked with an English Kindergarten here for some time, in 2007. But it was too far - took about 4 hours to travel to and fro - and my mother in law was not really happy having to take care of Bonnie full time. She loves Bonnie to bits but since she is retired she wants to enjoy life too and not start working again taking care of grandchild. Don't blame her for feeling that way.

So now September is nearing, I'm getting anxious. Excited to go out and work and feel scared too since haven't been working for so long. Okay, private tutoring doesn't really feel like going out there and have a boss you know. LOL

Have to start preparing myself and all the documents I may need to land myself a job then. Feel nervous even by thinking of it.Sweat


comey_lote said...

what job? what job? bitau laaa

Syari said...

Don't know yet lah... but for sure English speaking job. Not amah, not salesgirl in souvernir shop, not cashier... LOL

Tgh tengok2.

si Dyah said...

Ahaaa... Someone wishes to start a new routine! Goodluck with your job search. Hope you land on a good job ya ;)

As for me, I am still selfishly enjoying my life as a mother wife and parttime teacher. I dont miss all the stress n deadline i had to face during office day hehehe.

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