Friday, May 29, 2009

Last one.

Today is a slightly sad day for me. I felt like eating fried 'Ikan bilis' (Dried anchovies) and I saw that I have only one packet left. "Last kopek" is what they call it in Malay. *sigh* They say that it is always the last one that will be the most precious one isn't it? Well, we (Bonnie and I) enjoyed it while it last. Glide Will have to order for a care package again then. But then don't know when will receive it. I found a Malaysian website where we can order Asian Ingredients though. Will check that out. :)

Oh well, at least the weather is great. The sky is blue with candy floss like clouds swimming in it.

The picture is a little too dark to do it justice. It was breathtaking actually to see the clouds like that.

Starting tomorrow, my other half will be on holiday for a week. Will be going somewhere not to far from Budapest for a few days. Will write about it later. Going off to watch Disney's classic 'Bedknobs and broomsticks' with Bonnie.

Have a nice weekend folks!


Dyah Ayu said...

I can relate to you. I was the same back there. Now that we could have almost anything here, they don't feel as precious anymore lol my bad. I just threw a pack of anchovies the other day because it's already expired.

si Dyah said...


The clouds look lovely! :D

Ikan bilis? My favorite...but cant have too much of a good thing ya, I'll develop rash what happen usually after I ate fish or seafood :)

Sedikit gatal is still tahan though :D

Syari said...

Ayu, here if expired stuff still have to throw, precious or not. he he he. Had nearly half a kilo of ikan bilis had to throw the other day cause it got damp and moldy. Sajnos. But okaylah, I'm waiting for care package to arrive soon. Yiepiee!

Syari said...

Dyah, allergies sucks I know. Luckily though, I can eat any much of seafood and not get sick...

But I cannot eat cherries. It's season already. Maybe not allergy but I had a history of getting really sick after eating too much of cherries. So now cannot even look at a cherry without feeling queasy.

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