Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long day.

We went to send Bonnie to her grandma in the morning so that my husband and I can go for shopping in peace. :) The grandparents took Bonnie to the park. Seems like there is a small Jazz concert organized by the local casino. They do it every year. Either a family event where they have outdoor toys for the kids to play or something like today, a Jazz band coming to play.

While they were there we went to Arkad. We just intended to buy a pair of summer sandals each for ourselves. And also to just go around and spend some time together. But ended up buying a pair of sandals and 2 pairs of shoes for myself, and he got 2 pairs. Bought some stationery, and a pair of capri.o__o Just couldn't help it. I got two pairs of earrings from my husband. So while I was browsing through those pretty engagement rings on display, my husband asked the jeweler about ear piercing. He was told that they don't do it. It's not like in Malaysia where we can get piercing at the jewelery shop. Here it's at the hair salon! I need to get my ears pierced again for the third time in my lifetime. Will go and get them pierced next week perhaps. Even contemplated on getting my nose pierced too... LOL (again) I had my nose pierced when I was 18 because my cousin dared me to. It was the only risk I ever took.(Damn painful I tell ya...)

Before going back we bought some things for tomorrow morning. My father in law and his wife are paying us a visit in morning. Going to make Hungarian pancakes for breakfast.

Reached home at about 4 pm, rest a bit and left again to watch the 'Hot Jazz band' for a while. The Jazz music they played took us back to the 20's. You know the sort of music that Al Capone may have listened to everyday. Hehe The elderly people enjoyed it. Could see it on their faces. The band was good. Really good. Too bad that I didn't think to take my camera along (As usual).
But I found a video of them on Youtube. Nice!

After about half an hour or slightly more, we went back to my mil's place. Had spinach soup for dinner then came back home at about 9 pm. After all that walking and standing, feel like it was such a long day.

The husband was complaining of not being able to work today and I haven't even touched my books. (Don't even feel like) But I need to cause I've made a commitment to myself to study at least an hour a day.

So off I go now. Happy weekend everyone!

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