Thursday, May 21, 2009

Own bathroom.

Having to share the bathroom every morning, discussing who should go in first, I kind of miss having my own bathroom. We had 3 bathrooms when were back in Malaysia. So we had one bathroom each. Since we shared all the other rooms in the house except the bathroom, my bathroom was considered a real private haven. I even wished we could renovate just to personalize the bathroom (got the notion after seeing a television series). :P I really like contemporary looking bathroom suites.

This one is called the Alide bathroom suite that I saw at - a one-stop online store for bathroom products.

I know that this kind of basin may notbe truly modern, but it seems like the design has become rather popular I think. Also from, it is called the Vittina round freestanding basin. Simple yet elegant eh?

So I was doing a little online 'window shopping' while dreaming of my own bathroom back. ;P Cause you never know, when the day comes I would already have a clear picture of my dream bathroom in mind.

Now wouldn't you just love to have your very own customized bathroom all to yourself??

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