Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hamlet Furball.

Hamlet Furball (eventually I decided that he needs a surname too. LOL) has been with us for nearly 3 days now. So far so good. We all love him. So cute and adorable. Bonnie simply couldn't get enough of him. I have to keep an eye on her when ever she sits near the cage. Always saying, "Nagyon puha" or 'so soft' when ever she touches Hamlet. Once or twice I caught her trying to squeeze or pinch him. Sometimes she'd just sit in front of the cage waiting for Hamlet to come out of his small house and gets highly excited when she saw Hamlet peeking at the door.

Here he is posing by his small house.

Here is another small house that I call the 'weekend house' that comes complete with a swing. He actually moved in it permanently. I suspect because of the view from there. The house has two small windows at the sides. I suppose he'd be able to spy us from the windows. The other house became his store room I think cause he always go in it right after he collected food in his cheeks.

Do you know that Hamsters can actually run up to 10 kms in one night? Even we, who are so many times bigger than them don't cover than many miles in a day most of the times. The exercise wheel seems to be Hamlet's favourite thing because he spends a lot of time on it. Running on it and biting it occasionally.

Another past time of his... eating up his 'weekend house'. Looks like a furball with eyes, ears and legs sitting there. Glide


Dyah said...


I could not help but smile reading this posting.
Send my hello to Hamlet! :D

Syari said...

We couldn't help smiling looking at Hamlet too. :) Will convey your hello once he is up. Sleeping still. LOL

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