Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, rain.

I hope it'd rain again today. It had been raining nearly everyday here. I like it. It reminds me of being in Malaysia. Love the after rain smell. Remember when my younger brother and I were little, there were times when it was raining outside, one of the older sisters or brother, with a box cutter, make a small house from a big box so we could play pretend.

With Bonnie I don't have to bother cutting boxes, we got a plastic play house. But I think I was a lot luckier since I have a younger brother to play with all the time. For Bonnie it's just us, old unimaginative adults to play together. :)

I'm sure she'd be very happy in Kindergarten.

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si Dyah said...


Aah...rain always brings back lovely childhood memories ya. I too just love the distinctive sweet smell of wet grass and dirt after rain :D

It is raining here in Singapore as i am reading your posting. Just nice, alone at home (Aqila is still at school) watching people walking by with their umbrella from our window.

You played pretend during rain? My brother and sister and I danced under the rain! hehe....but of course, without my mum's permission. Once we got home, we had to listen to the 'beautiful music to our ears' from her. LOL...not to mention catching cold afterwards...

Perhaps it is time to give Bonnie a sibling or two? hehe

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