Sunday, June 07, 2009

Short vacation...

Our short Spring vacation is over. It was in a small village for 5 days in Nográd county. Very near to the Hungarian-Slovakian border. The house we stayed in was a nearly 100 year old peasant house.

Stayed somewhere down there.

No internet, no phone connection - seems like only Pannon network is there - no internet, no television, and the heating system is just by burning wood. The first night was indeed terribly cold because we just made the fire in the evening so it wasn't long enough to heat up the whole place. The walls were too cold. Fortunately enough though the bathroom was renovated so we could have warm showers.

There was an electric stove to cook on, but there was also a traditional like stove that uses wood. I tried it. For character building... Yeah right...

It took me 20 minutes to get the fire on. 20 more minutes to get the stove to the temperature hot enough to cook. I had to constantly feed wood to the fire.

This is it, a couple of city folks trying to live the life of country people. I bet the next door neighbours in the village never even seen this sort of stove for ages. LOL Nevertheless, since I worked hard on making the fire, those were the best fried eggs I've ever eaten.

Should see how we struggled to get the fire in the fire place to work. Say, how hard can it be right? Just throw in some paper, twigs and wood then burn. Started burning, smiled victoriously at each other then it stopped burning after 10 minutes. Tried again and still didn't want to burn long. Then we figured out how it actually works. Suppose to get the burning fire right into the middle not at the mouth of the fireplace. LOL Like two dumb kids playing house. From then on we burnt wood 24 hours to keep the place toasty warm. Hard work I tell ya. We kept on thinking about getting wood, must chop wood, need to get warm. LOL But at least since our minds were occupied about making sure our wood supply is sufficient at all times, our worries on other things just melted away. :)

The duck family that we went to visit everyday. We don't get to see real life farm animals in the city everyday. So it was a treat for Bonnie. She could look at them for hours. Or trying to catch the father duck. :)

These are not grapes, they are called ribizlis. Sour fruit but people usually make jams out of them.

Wild flowers.

Place where we had our lunches nearly everyday.

A couple of walnuts.

Our first bbq. Okay not our first but the first one that we ever prepared ourselves. :)

The fields were like oceans of wheats. There are a few main crops that I saw frequently. Wheat, corn and 'biofuel plant' which for the life of me I cannot remember the name.

Wheat on one side, 'biofuel plants' on the other.

Pheasant bird we saw. There were many. We were lucky enough to see a wild deer too. Some people may say it's nothing. But we thought it was cool. :P

Then the day before we came back, we drove up North to Slovakia for a short day trip. Didn't go too far but just till Modry Kamen. Went up to the old Castle of Modry Kamen or Blue rock that was also a Museum. There was the lady who was selling souvernirs there which only spoke in Slovak. But my husband tried to speak to her in Hungarian, forgetting that we were not in Hungary. "We are not in Hungary anymore, Toto". Felt good that I was not the only foreigner there. Hah!

Lone tree.

We didn't go on a tour of the castle though cause we didn't have time further it was raining heavily. Couldn't even take good picture of the castle ground. Yup, it started raining as soon as we parked the car. *sigh* Since it seemed quite nearby to just drive there, perhaps we'd go there in the Summer. Look forward to it. :)


Dyah Ayu said...

Have you guys bought new car? Nice...I wished I could travel around there, but being Indonesian I'd need visa to visit other countries :-(

Syari said...

yup, long time ago. Went to Slovakia, no immigration check point. Would like to go around Hungary more though. You've been in Hungary for sometime, where do you think I should check out? (if can have holiday again that is *sigh*)

Dyah Ayu said...

Maybe try Szilvasvarad, famous for its trout. They said it's the best in Hungary. I always bought simple deep fried trout when we were there (since it's similar to our ikan goreng), but next time I'll try the stuffed one. Looks interesting :p

Bonnie can try riding pony while you eat lol.

Syari said...

Okay then. :D huu no pony ride for Bonnie though. LOL In the village they do have horses and ponies and a place to ride, but yet didn't let Bonnie try. Maybe when she is 5. :D

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