Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's update.

When I went tutoring today, my young pupil was not at home. The mom forgot to call and inform. Geez. But fortunately, I didn't go in vain cause Malay lessons started. Teaching the parents some Malay. Really interesting. The mom can't speak English, the father knows just a little English. So I had to use what ever Hungarian I know to explain. Teaching them both standard and colloquial Malay. It was kind a fun actually. Will be doing extra hours from now on.:)

I got bitten by the 'picture taking bug' lately. :) Perhaps it is due to the beautiful weather we are having here these days. Here is one of the pictures I took today on my way back from tutoring. A sculpture of a lady. There are plenty of sculptures like this at random places around here. Perhaps I should take pictures whenever I see one. Which means I need to take the camera along all the time. That is when ever I remember to bring.

After doing some chores later today, I sat down to read news and articles online. I was reading Decaslim reviews and the comments of users of the product. It is really interesting to know about how many diet pills some people would try just to find the right one for themselves. Most of the women who take diet pills claim themselves to be overweight. But don't most women feel they are overweight even when they aren't? :) I remember the only thing that I've ever taken to lose weight was some traditional slimming tea which I only took 2-3 times. I lack the persistence. But then I wasn't obese to start with, so maybe that's why I didn't care to take too much. I just wonder, at what weight would people opt to trying diet pills?

Anyhow, that's it for today. Waiting for daddy and baby to come back home soon.

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