Friday, June 19, 2009

Yearning for one...

I am actually rather scared of furry animals. Perhaps due to a childhood trauma. I was told when I started crawling and going for adventures around the house, my mom used to put cotton balls at places where she didn't want me to go. I wouldn't go near the cotton ball. LOL I do think it is sort of unkind to use the fear instead of helping to clear the fear away for a child. I'm not sure whether I'd do it to BZ myself. Though I know that some malay parents tend to do that. A Malaysian couple here who have 2 daughters, actually carries around a plastic cockroach just to threat one child not to put thumb into mouth. Says that it would bite her if she does. I don't think its good though. Why raise by instilling fear of something? I should know better, I got that treatment.

I'm scared but I don't dislike. Right now I'm yearning to own a hamster. They are really cutteeee..... hu hu hu ( I want one T_T). So round and cute. Stores food in cheeks and making them look so puffy... Fell in love with Hamsters the time my younger bro brought back a couple of fluffy looking white hamsters back to take care for a week for a friend of his. I remember watching them everyday.

images from flickr.
But I know I won't be able to make myself hold one. Heh But looking at hamster pictures I really do feel like just going ahead and buy one. Leave it in the cage and just enjoy by looking at it. Hmmm... BZ would like it a lot too anyways. :)

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