Monday, July 20, 2009

Blue and white cats.

When some children around Bonnie's age would form imaginary friends. Bonnie has imaginary cats. This morning, when I wanted to send her to my mil's place, preparing to close and lock the door, Bonnie told me to wait. I asked why. Her cats are slow she said. I was really surprised. LOL So I played along. Waited and waited. Then I said "how many cats are there?". She started to count her fingers, "egy,ketto, harom, negy, ott, hat, het, nyolcs, kilenc, tiz... Tiz!". "Wow, ten... that many?".

While walking she told me that her cats are real slow so we need to walk slowly. So I, very amused, asked her what colour are her cats. 'Blue!' she said excitedly. "Blue??" said I. "Uhuh, blue... and white". "I see...". :) She even asked me to hold her soft toy and bag cause she wanted to carry her tired baby cat. And she did (pretending of course). :)

At her grandma's doorstep, she told her grandma that there were cats around. And her grandma, not knowing it was supposed to be Bonnie's cats, went and said, "Shoo, shoo!! don't come in cats!". Then Bonnie started to cry, "my cats went away... my cats...". Her grandma then had to pretend calling the cats asking them to go inside. Then only Bonnie stopped crying. All this time I was just looking and smilling at the scene. LOL


comey_lote said...

hahahaha...kelakar last part tu..
eh macam dia betul2 nampak kucing je akak!kids that age sometimes can see what we can't. mcm kat sini ada sorg budak dia mcm main2 dgn org tp kita tak mmg betul la dlm rumah budak tu, ada satu 'family lain' yg tinggal bersama dgn family budak, ada ke hantu kucing...miahahaha

Syari said...

ada gak le terpikir. ekekeke. Tp takdelah, memang imaginasi jek nih. Pasal kekejap lupa, pehtu ingat balik pasal kucing2 dia. he he he... layanz je lah...

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