Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally... it rained.

It feels so nice and cool now as it just rained. Rather heavily. I tried to open the window and it nearly hit me on the face. :P The wind was blowing strong that I had to fight back just to close the window.

Right now I'm spending a little time to do some computer cleaning. I need to do it occassionaly cause I tend to download junks a lot. LOL. Getting rid of those files and folders that I'm quite sure I will never use. Clearing up duplicates. I had 80 over gb on my hard drive, but now only 10 gb left (after I've thrown away the unwanted junks). I have thought of getting an external hard drive, just not sure when I will go and get one. Considered online backup too. What ever it is, I need to do something about it cause I'm choking my hard drive with things.

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