Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting a new camera.

Just ordered my birthday gift today. :P Which is a new digital camera. Compared to the one that I'm having now, the one I'm getting is indeed like a long distance moving from a beginner level to not so beginner level (Not a DSLR definitely. Would be too complicated for me). I have been having my current camera - Canon powershot A400 - for more than 5 years now. Still looks good and takes nice pictures too. But so obsolete that I don't see them selling these anymore. I don't intend to retire it, but will still use it at certain occasions. I love my Powershot. Just time for an upgrade.

Wanted to get a Canon Powershot SX110 IS at first because of the Canon brand. However I decided to get the one that I'm getting. Pretty excited. :) But I better learn all those photography jargons that I've avoided because without knowing any of those, having a better camera means nothing I know. :P

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