Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Having a good time.

Bonnie was not home. Her grandma took her for a swim. So I was doing a little experiment with my new cam and messing around with Bonnie's playmobil people.

A couple of friends came to visit Bonnie bringing their pet calf. The mommy (me :D) standing by observing.

Bonnie, loving animals so much, was so excited having to feed the calf milk, can see it on her face how happy she was.

Bonnie's mommy and Zsigmund.

Bonnie's bestfriend, Emma. (The girl, not the calf. :P)

Finally now I know what I can do with all her playmobil and lego people. :) Hope she won't mind me using them as my models. ha ha ha


comey_lote said...

yg bground kat belakang tu apa kak syari? dia datang dengan playmobil tu ke?

Syari said...

Rumah playmobil. Satu set rumah, 4 org playmobil, meja, kerusi, etc2.

si Dyah said...


Always want to have playmobil, but Aqila really enjoys assembling (and dismantling ...hehe) and playing Lego more. THe people are very cute ya??

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