Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How's life?

Busy with all sorts of things. In the morning Bonnie, her daddy and grandma went to a nearby sports center for a swim. Perhaps next time I'd go to see Bonnie in her bikini. LOL I can't really swim. Perhaps just a little after going a few times to my University's swimming center. I could be wrong, but as to what I know, many if not most Malay women don't know how to swim. Just ask any randomly, most probably the answer would be 'no, I can't swim'. Here, I was told, kids are taught to swim at a young age. The irony of it, Malaysia is surrounded by water and yet we don't learn to swim while Hungary is landlocked and most Hungarians can swim.

I am still learning my Japanese. Got another book for my Hungarian too. Started the Kanji writing. Here's a kanji for Money. :) Did it the traditional way. Write, write, write and write. I forgot how writing soreness felt like. 2000 over kanjis more to go. T_T


comey_lote said...

u're soo determined... kalai ida, tak pandai la nak belajar sendiri tanpa pergi kelas...wish u luck!!!

Syari said...

takde kelas tp banyak website yg ada student bahasa jepun gather. Ramai gak yg belajar sendiri. :) So get motivation dari situ leee.. :)

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