Monday, July 20, 2009

My new digicam.

I mentioned sometime ago that I ordered a new camera for myself. A Lumix FZ28. Wanted a black one which they didn't have in stock at that time. They, however, informed that they could order the black one. After a while I checked the website again and saw that the camera was not on display anymore. Asked my husband to call them up and found out that they could not order any new ones. What the...? and they didn't even bother to inform.

So today, right after tutoring, I went straight to Media Markt and bought the camera plus a bag for it. Should have just done that earlier. But not complaining, now that I already got the camera. :)

Few days before I was thinking of getting another type of camera instead of this one. However, thinking about how many reviews I've read about the camera and what it could do, I really cannot go through it again and read reviews about another type of camera. Fortunate still that there are websites like diet supplements review sites, and insurance quotations reviews for cameras like cameralabs dot com. But still no more camera reviews for me for another few more years.

Like the camera for the High Definition video recording an the ability to use a few filters. :)


comey_lote said...

habih laa...dia pakai camera canggih...habih la cantik gambar dia lepas nih...hihihi
mau digicam pun ada media markt eh? sini pun ada!!
besar gitu!

Syari said...

Media markt ni German company kan? Ala Ida, cam Tesco, memana ada. Sini Carrefour ngan Giant je takde. ehehehe.

comey_lote said...

sini carrefour ngan tesco takde...makro ada..pelik plak..makro leh hidup kat sinih..tu lah igt kan media merkt nih bukan chained cam depa semua tuh... markt nih german pny eh..

Syari said...

Ida, rasanyalah german nye. ahahaha kita tanya dia, dia tanya kita balik... he he he makro dulu masa awal kat Mesia, punyalah kerek, nak masuk kena ada kad ahli.

Rasanya sini pun ada lah Makro cuma tak pernah gi jek. Eh sana ada interspar tak?? or Plus. Ni dua nih pun German atau Austrian company. Sini banyak German chain store.

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