Thursday, July 09, 2009

Relaxing day.

Yesterday afternoon, while on my way to tutor, I stopped by a store to buy a bottle of coke. While paying for the things at the cashier, I saw a display of dvds on sale. I saw an all time favourite movie - "You've got mail". Bought it. So, just now, we were watching the movie. Sure brought memories when we first met online. My husband and I. Really love sweet romance movies like this. *Sigh*

So while typing this I'm checking for wholesale lot dvds that I can order. :P Looking for Clark Gable and Tom Hank movies. Sure is in a shopping mode since everybody got something new. My husband got a new big flat screen monitor to use with his laptop (I'm so jealous) , while Bonnie got a professional music keyboard. Bet the neighbours would "love" the little musician in the making playing.

Nearly a week gone by with my husband at home. Bonnie loves it when her daddy is at home. I am too. Everybody seems to feel more relaxed.


comey_lote said...

hamster akak apa khbar?hhihihi
eh,lama tak nampak gambar bonnie ...

Syari said...

Hamlet sihat. Tgh tido, semalam sibuk berjogging. Mlm berjaga, siang tido.. Makin gemok je nampak aha ha ha.

Ada gambar tp rasa cam nak kurang kan lah letak kat internet, hubby akak tak berapa suka sebenornya.

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