Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help me! I'm addicted...

I'm addicted to JDorama... huu huu huu...I had ignored warnings and I became addicted to it. I was pretty worried about where my Japanese studies are going, thinking that I don't remember anything after learning somethings. So I decided to either download or watch online JDoramas or Anime once a day. ( Glad that I found out that I actually can understand something even without reading the subtitles) First Anime then I moved to JDorama and now I'm hooked. I've dowloaded 3 whole series all of which about 9 - 11 episodes each. Watching another 2 more series directly online.

Watch Jdorama till late at night, but still have to wake up early. Gosh really need to get some balance....

Fighto.... Oh!!

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