Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What ever will be... will be.

In the mood for oldies again today. Just for those who always ask me, "when are you going to....?" "will you do...?" "Will you have....?". My answer would be, "what ever will be, will be." :P So stop asking. LOL

Spent the day with Bonnie and my mom in law. Went shopping.Wanted to look at some shoes, new beddings and water filters but ended up buying other things that I didn't even plan to buy. Just because they were on sale. Most of us just can't resist discounted price, can we. Even though in the end some of those things would just end up stored up. But worse come to worst, we could always give some away as gifts later. So not so wasteful.(Just trying to make myself feel better.. LOL)


comey_lote said...

soo...what did you buy? :-D

Syari said...

What ever will be, will be... mia ha ha ... weih baru ja cakap jgn tanya ahahaha

si Dyah said...

my birthday is over...:(

cant send the whatever you bought in the spur of the moment on that day to me ya? hehe

Syari said...

Dyah, Okaylah I tell... he he he. Just small things like dvds (never thought of getting those), cute containers (didn't even know what to put in), picture frames (no idea where else to put them).

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