Thursday, August 27, 2009

What we're up to.

We went to an art exhibition day before yesterday. It was my father-in-law's art exhibition. Here are a few selected pictures taken on that day, right before the crowd arrived.

There was a local news station that came to do an interview and coverage of the event. So most probably will be seeing something about it on tv sometime soon.

Anyway, today is an orientation day for parents at Bonnie's kindergarten. So will be going there this evening. It's going to be September soon, so Bonnie's journey in school will begin. Though kindergarten isn't really like school, but it is the beginning right? :)

After the orientation, hopefully we can go and see somethings at the shopping center because I saw some things that I am interested in that are on discount - blank cd roms, external hard drives, and other household items. Talking about shopping, one new habit I developed here, is gathering all the catalogues that arrived in the postbox and browse at them to see what are cheap, even if the place is too far or I know we will never go there to shop. It is fun though. It is like window shopping only that it's on the catalogue and you don't have to walk your feet off.


RasPbeRry said...

lovE art exhibitionS openinGs,
lucky havinG an artust in familY :-)

comey_lote said...

yg mana satu FIL akak punya?
some thingssss tu akak might be interested in :-P
kat sini pun sampai katalog barang...seronok...bleh t au apa yg ada diskaun

Syari said...


I have 2 father in laws... :D One is the real one, another is step father in law... Both are artists.

I don't know anything about art actually.. LOL

Syari said...


Semua tu lah dia punya. It's his own exhibition.

Yup, perlu sangat cd rom atau external drive tu ida. Tgh murah sekarang nih. Download banyak jdorama dah ni. Pulak upload gambar pun, nak hampir penuh dah ni hardrive... Tak lama dulu dah clearkan, cepat penuh hu hu... Clothes softener tgh on sale 2 for the price of one.. I wanntt.... he he he

Dyah Ayu said...

How's it going, syari? It's been a while, I know. Been busy with adam and preparing for the trips to Indonesia and Hungary. We'll be in Hungary from October 10. Kinda nervous lol.

si Dyah said...


Not sure about the arts (what do i know about it anyway)...but I think I the building/ gallery is beautiful. Is it not?

Syari said...

Dyah, the gallery building is beautiful. There is another hall area that are being renovated. That one looks grander.

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