Thursday, September 03, 2009


Pretty tiring week. I've been wanting to update but just didn't have the mood to do just so. We spent a lot of time shopping and preparing for Bonnie's things at the kindergarten. Since she had just started kindy last Monday we have a new routine to get used to. So far she has only gone for half a day every day. Pick her up at noon time. Perhaps next week will try to let her be there till evening. I'm not sure whether it was she or it was I, myself, who is not ready to let her go for a full day. LOL

At first it was really hard to let her be with strangers. You start to think whether she'd cry and feel hurt when you leave her there, whether they really take good care, and start thinking about all the things that can happen when you are not there... You feel so out of control. Until this time the only person I trust to take care of Bonnie is my mil. Other than her, we never really let anyone take her out without one of us, her parents around. I suppose that too needs getting used to.

So far we are very proud of how well Bonnie is adapting to Kindergarten. Many parents had to stay there all the time when their kids are there for the first few days or week. The first day of kindy, we stayed there with her for an hour or so, then we told here we had to go and buy something for her and ask her whether it was okay to go, she said it was fine. It was the same the next day and today after sending her, we immediately left. Some parents still had to be there with the kids. She even hug the teachers the 2nd day of kindy when she said goodbye to them.

I'm just afraid that the more Hungarians she mixes with, the more she sees how different I am. LOL I see that I'm the only "different" looking parent there. Cause sometimes these past few days I felt as if she looked at me strangely. Not too long, only after picking her up from kindy. Her daddy told me that she will definitely notice the difference sooner or later. Don't blame her though cause I remember one day when I, myself, felt the strangeness when looking at my parents walking together cause they were not like other parents.

How time passes, it was just a few hundred posts prior to this one that I was talking about my pregancy, and now it is time for her to go to Kindy. If this blog still survives, perhaps one day I'll be blogging about her living the nest to study or work somewhere. Well, hopefully not too soon though. :)

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