Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I remember back in the 80's (saying it this way makes me feel rather old,as if it was 50-60 years ago), waking up on weekend mornings to watch cartoons on tv. My favourite channel back then was SBC (now Mediacorp) 5. If you are an 80's child perhaps you would remember childrens' programmes like, the electric company, carebears, my little pony, he man, she ra, thundercats and so on. Although when I was 5 or 6 I didn't know how to say the time when I looked at the clock but I knew where the long hand and the short hand should be when it is time for my favourite shows. :">

When I saw this opening theme from Charlie Chalk, it sure did bring back memories. It is one of my favourite programmes back then. I loved his small caravan or mobile home. That's one thing I always remember about Charlie.

Perhaps this guy also watched Charlie Chalk when he was a kid?? LOL

Is this the world's smallest motor home? Perhaps so... :) Comes with only one bedroom. Imagine going on a tour around the world with this. Just wonder whether this guy is required to get a motorhome insurance for his tiny mobile home.

Anyhow, now it's Bonnie's turn to ask to watch the JimJam channel. Though childrens' programmes these days are okay, but I still think the 80's kids' shows are better. :D

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