Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking out the sweaters.

It is getting colder and colder in the mornings and evenings. I guess autumn isn't too far off now which is fine by me. I always loved Autumn. Now have to bring the sweater along just in case it gets windy and chilly.

So far I'm liking the daily routine even though I'm not quite used to it yet. Bonnie goes the the kindy in the morning and I can clean up, exercise, or read in the mornings. By 12, I'd go and pick Bonnie up at the kindy. If I have to go tutor, I'd send her to my m.i.l's place. So everything is so far so good. :)

I am asked to teach another subject - Jawi ( Arabic scripts that are adapted to write the malay language). I was surprised though cause I have not read Jawi in ages. There isn't a real opportunity to read Jawi anyway since it is rather obsolete and we use roman alphabets to write the malay language these days. I remember learning it when I was 7 at school and learnt some more from my late mom. Both my maternal grandparents as I remembered them read only in Jawi. I can read it still though but it is a bit rusty. Teaching the child to pronounce certain letters would be interesting... Perhaps Bonnie should learn a bit of it too.

Idul Fitri is nearing. I feel sad but not too sad to the point of being depressed for not being able to join my family, cause even when I was back home Idul Fitri seemed to have lost its colours after my mom passed away. My husband did offer that I go back to celebrate. But I refused to go alone though. :P I still can't bring myself to listen to Malaysian radios through the internet these days because I know that they have started to play Idul Fitri songs that can be tear jerkers. Oh well, wish life is perfect but it ain't. But at least one can make it a bit bearable. :) Going to do a little online window shopping as therapy. LOL Perhaps even buy something, saw a good bargain for a new pair of Levis and Dansko shoes.

Recently I got myself a few new fitness dvds. I need to work out because I realized how weak I was. I get tired rather easily. No point being slimmer when struggling to open a jar of pickles right? LOL Trying out Zumba and also get back to belly dancing. Zumba, is really good. It's a dance fitness with combination of dance styles like salsa, raggaeton, merengue (I hope I spelt that correctly) and more. A real cardio workout and fun. The belly dance routine is a bit slower but harder I think because one needs to concentrate more. Certain moves are hard to do. However, most importantly dancing is also an activity that Bonnie and I can do together. She enjoys doing them with me. I even bought a belly dancing belt scarf specially for the activities. Cool thing about having a daughter... :) Now, I do feel stronger and energized. Hopefully soon, to open a new jar of pickle would be as easy as pie. :D

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