Wednesday, October 14, 2009


These past few days it has been freakin' cold here. It was about 4 degrees celcius today morning. It is around this time of the year I wish we are somewhere else where it is nice and warm all day. :)

Here are some pictures taken a few days back. It's amazing how fast the leaves change colour without you really noticing it happen.

Since I no longer really use my old camera, so I gave it to Bonnie practice with.

Result... :) Needs more practice. :)

The cold reminded me that it is around this time of the year too we moved to our place here. So it has been a year now. Good thing that we don't have to move again. It's all too tiring to move around every year. Even back in Malaysia we had moved from one place to another every few years, across the country. Even got rather familiar with the cross country moving companies.

Anyhow, more pictures. :)

Birds taking flight.

Street view.

Local church.

I love autumn, but wish it isn't too cold. :)


een said...

miss autumn in oz..not too cold indeed..nyaman je..sini panas betol..tu yg jd cepat letih kalu jln sekejap..mmg xde can la strolling..hehe..btw besar dh bonnie cutie

comey_lote said...

cantiknya gambar2 tuuu

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