Friday, October 02, 2009

Check up.

After the terrible flu that everyone had a couple of weeks ago, everyone else seems to be fully recovered except myself. I've been coughing for more than a week now. And now I'm getting that rash again that I had a few months back. I have a suspicion that the fish fillet I had last week.

Though the rash is diminishing but I really feel like finding out the real cause of it once and for all. Go see a doctor and check up. Huh, too be honest, I don't like to see doctors. Avoid seeing one if not necessary. The only times when I see one are, when I need to get a medical check up done for uni or work, when I need medical leave, when I felt so sick that I thought I was dying, and when I got pregnant (regular check up). My husband says I'm strange. He sees the doctor more times within all these years that I've been married to him, than me in my life time.

No matter in what country, clinics or hospitals always seem to have a certain sort of 'feeling', don't they?

Picture from one of the clinics here.

The exam tables always feel so distractingly cold as you first lie down on it. The air seems to have a distinct smell of medicine lingering in the air. Don't know why but I seem to get a feeling that they are somewhat unhappy places. Some are not extremely, but there are some hospitals or clinics that gives me that feeling.

I know I need to get rid of this "strange" feeling. "Hospitals and clinics are nice places". Perhaps if I repeat that phrase enough times, it'll go away. :D

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