Monday, October 26, 2009

One hour later.

We have already turned back an hour on our watches and clocks over here. I didn't realize it until my husband mentioned it to me yesterday. So it gets dark earlier now.

Bonnie will be taking her nap at the kindergarten for the first time today. I feel rather sad yet at the same time relief that I don't have to rush and pick her up at 12 . :) Another day of kindy tomorrow and another holiday again for her.

She has become cheekier and cheekier these days. The other day she was putting a hairpin on my hair (rather messily). Then I asked her, "cantik tak rambut mommy?" (Is mommy's hair pretty?) She answered,"uhuh, cantik..." (uhuh, pretty). Could see that she was controlling her laughter when she said that. Shortly after saying that she went away from me and then I heard her whispering and laughing, "he he he, bonnie tipu...." (Bonnie lying...) Really cheeky don't you think?? Would still make me smile thinking of that moment. I'm smilling while typing this. Goodness, what other cheeky things she'd do to her poor mommy when she's bigger. :)

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