Friday, October 09, 2009

A week quarantine.

It has already been... say.. like 4 weeks now since I last had flu and I'm still coughing. Not so bad... but still coughing nevertheless. This week both daddy and baby stayed at home upon suggestion from me. I suggested that we should not be out too much. The reason is because everybody started to get the same flu again earlier this week. Bonnie started to cough back, her daddy got real sick with headache and sorethoat, while I started to get the pain in my throat again as well. It is as if the virus just didn't want to leave. So hopefully with less contact with people we can at least heal fully. (or the least not to give the virus to others)
With all this H1N1 scare we can never be too careful right? But it isn't H1N1 virus thankfully, since the doctor didn't say it is and we aren't getting worse.

Now that it is nearly weekend, Bonnie seems to stop coughing, daddy is feeling better but still coughing. Myself, as I said earlier, still coughing but better.

The weather is crazy. One day it feels like autumn when it feels chilly outside and you need sweaters. The next day it can be so hot like summer. Just like yesterday. Today the temperature went down again, and according to weather forecast it is going down steadily. Well, I'm not really complaining. I don't mind Autumn weather.

Since it is already October, we've started to buy some gifts for Christmas already. Better to shop a bit earlier so we have time still to look around for bargains. Now that my brother in law decided to contact the mother back again, so unless if he decided to stop contacting again, we need to buy gifts for the 5 kids. Again, not that I'm complaining, I like choosing gifts for the kids. :) Bonnie been asking her daddy and I for a pink mp3 player. So she will get an mp3 then. Though my original plan was to try getting an xbox 360 :P (so that I can play too) but her daddy won't let.

Anyhow, just hope that we all will recover fully soon. So life can continue again just as before we got sick.

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comey_lote said...

get well soon!!
miss u!!

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