Friday, November 20, 2009

Accomplished anything today?

It has been a pretty long day for us (my husband and I) today. He is on leave by the way. So we sent Bonnie to kindergarten together today at 8 am, and went to Arkad to shop for some things for the house and also for Christmas. We walked around for hours. Going in and out of book and office supplies store, electronic shops, craft store. Needed to find a place where we can use up some coupons too.

In the end, we went back home, rested a little bit and then prepared to go tutor. After class, came back, and reached home at 6. Then later picked up Bonnie at her grandma's and came back home when it was nearly 10 pm.

Sure feel tired.... and yet, as my husband mentioned just now, don't feel like we've accomplished anything much today. LOL
Anyhow, below is a video clip of my Tamagotchi playing the maracas. :)

Been like nearly a year since I've paused it. So started to play with it again.Also playing with my digicam at the same time, so this is the result. :D Can hear Bonnie's voice in the background too. :)

P/s: just checking out fz28's video quality posted up on youtube... not too shabby huh? :) Not even on HD yet.

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