Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bonnie telling a story.

Bonnie was preparing to take a nap, and I was suppose to read for her the book which her daddy just bought. However, she insisted that she tells the story to me. Thought it was cute so I recorded it. (^_^)


Dyah Ayu said...

Lol she's so adorable. And she could teach me Hungarian :p Does she talk to you in Hungarian also?

Syari said...

I learn more Hungarian listening to her talk with her grandma or daddy. :) She speaks to me in 3 languages. Well not exactly all at one time but either one depending when she feels like.

But I'd always say I didn't understand what she's saying if she spoke to me in Hungarian even when I did. LOL Just to discourage her speaking to me in Hungarian. If not that'll be the only language she would choose to speak.

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