Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dreaming of buying my own car...

While coming back home from the Hobby shop just now, I saw a cute looking Nissan. It looks a little bit like a volkswagen beetle - my favourite car by the way. After googling for the name of the car I believe it is a Nissan Micra. After the Volkswagen Beetle, the Nissan Micra would be my second dream car.

It has been 3 years now since the last time I drove a car. I don't even know whether I can still drive. But some people would say, just like when once you've learnt to ride a bicycle, you will remember how to ride a bicycle for the rest of your life. Maybe the same goes for driving cars?

Now, even though in many countries, public transportation services are efficient (just like here in Hungary), but the need for cars are still there - for convenience. It is amazingly easy to own a car even when you don't have the cash at hand these days. Just go for a car loan. In Malaysia, one can own a simple new car by getting car loans with monthly installments as low as $60 a month. I even came upon, a company that specializes in giving bad credit auto loans to those who have bad financial histories. I worked in a bank before and I know there is no such a thing as bad credit car loan in conventional banks. But even people with bad financial history deserves a second chance. And such companies that give bad credit loans may be an alternative for obtaining auto loans.

Anyhow, although there are such a thing as bad credit loans for cars, it is fortunate that I won't be needing one. Hopefully will never be needing one because I prefer to pay cash. :D Perhaps can make my dream a reality once I've started working full time. :P

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