Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gold debt card.

My debt card (credit card) expired this month. I have been calling up the customer service back home so many times regarding the card. Now waiting for my cousin to send it to me.

But then I just checked my online banking and I noticed something. They didn't send the same type of card. The bank just upgraded my classic debt card to a gold card. Whaattt.... the... Some people would think, well, it's better to have a gold card then a classic card. As my chinese ex-colleague told me, shows that you earn higher income. Yeah righhtt....

Well, but it wouldn't be better if you have to pay a higher annual fee for it. It is in a way like being forced to pay for something you didn't ask for in the first place.Reminded me of a post I wrote here more than 3 years ago about a bank that tried to cheat its customers:

Suppose will have to call the customer support again to ask regarding this. *sigh*


comey_lote said...

and it also means that you've been paying the cc promptly..hehe

Syari said...

Yeah tiap bulan on time bayar habis. Ha ha... punya lah takut nak hutang2 banyak2.

Dyah Ayu said...

you could ask waiver for life in Malaysia? Here we always have to ask after the current waiver expires. what a hassle, since i often forgot about it lol.

Syari said...

Ayu, if only there is really a free for life debt card. LOL NO lah, some cards get fee waiver for first few years. One card of mine was 5 years. Which reminds me I should get a replacement for that, at least as a back up if the other one expires or something.

Yours is supplementary or your own card? I wish my husband would give me a supplementary card. :P But not a chance... :(

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