Monday, November 23, 2009

Hungarian reading malay.

When I was pregnant of Bonnie, there was a time when I had this urge to read so many comics. So nearly every week we went to the nearby comic shop and bought doraemon comics in Malay. After some time even my husband started to pick them up and read. For him it is a lot easier and much more entertaining to learn malay that way. :)

Don't think my husband would appreciate it that I put this up here. :P But I don't think his pronunciation is so bad. In fact can be considered good. Perhaps later I'd read something in Hungarian. (my Hungarian speaking ability is so basic it's embarrasing. LOL) But that's what I do sometimes for Bonnie. Read a Hungarian book for her. Since most of them are Children books, I could understand the most part of the stories that I read and I'd even translate to her in English and Malay. More work, but at least that's how she would learn to understand. Not to mention that I learn more Hungarian at the same time too.

Anyways, I'm glad that I didn't have to send Bonnie to kindergarten today since I have to pick her up in the afternoon around 1pm. Some free time alone to write some email, facebooking and even check out some free directory submission sites for my husband's website.


comey_lote said...

Ida paling suka part dia jerit "NOBITA!!" ekekekke

Dyah Ayu said...

Hmm, wonder if they had Doraemon in Hungarian? :p

Syari said...

Ayu, I don't think so. Japanese manga in Hungary is still pretty new. I only recently saw some translated to Hungarian. Heh, hopefully another year and I can start importing mangas straight from Japan. :)

Syari said...

Ida, boleh tahan gak le, tak pelat melampau cam matsalleh dari amerika ke, france ke. Akak pun gelak gak bila dgr part tuh.. LOL

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