Monday, November 09, 2009

Nobody wants to hire a Malay speaking person?

I've been browsing the job adverts for nearly an hour looking for English speaking jobs. There are plenty. But nearly all require at least another European language knowledge (not Hungarian) - Polish, Swedish, Norwegian etc. I wish I was born European now. LOL Or at least my parents had sent me to learn German, or French or what ever European language you can learn back home in Malaysia. Nobody wants to hire a Malay speaking person here? ha ha ha... So much for being one of the top 10 languages spoken in the world huh?

It's interesting that in Malaysia as long as you can speak English even without Malay (the national language) knowledge you can get hired. Malaysians are very tolerant to non-Malay speakers. Overly I'd say, so much so even some Malaysian chinese can't even speak Malay properly. When we go to another country we NEED to learn the language of the land. But no one is really required to learn Malay in order to survive and live in Malaysia comfortably. Just as long as they know English.

Not going to be depressed because of this though. LOL Will look on further.

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