Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew easy II.

I made Lucy (the cat doll) while we were watching "the bucket list" last evening. And later while Bonnie and her daddy was watching some kids program on JimJam channel. Took me about 3-4 hours to finish it. Bonnie was happy that she took it to kindergarten today.

Both of them are made of unwanted t-shirts. Though other materials like the felt and polyester stuffing I had to buy. They aren't perfect but for someone who never sown anything other than a patch or the hem of some trousers, it is somewhat of an accomplishment. (^_^)

I saw a cheap sewing machine on the mediamarkt website. Hyundai brand. I thought Hyundai only make cars. But recently I even saw a Hyundai brand digital camera. They do try to make and sell everything don't they? (^ o^) I even saw a Toyota sewing machine. Strange.... LOL

Anyhow the Hyundai sewing machine is the cheapest so far that I've seen for a new sewing machine. Though I cannot find any reviews regarding it on the internet. Seems easier to find diet pill reviews online than any review for a Hyundai sewing machine.

But no rush. Can still look for second hand ones.


comey_lote said...

kawaii!!! u are so talented! I can tell!!
Ida pernah belajar menjahit dari kawan yang pandai almost everything (masak, mengemas, menghias, patchwork,sewing, bla bla bla...ckp je, semua dia tahu)... tapi dia boleh ckp kat ida "ida, ida cari lah aktiviti lain...hahahaha...tak ada talent lah tu! :-P

Syari said...

cik comey, thanks for the compliment. But don't think I'm "that" good. LOL Dah lah lembab menjahit...

Bagusnya kawan ida tuh. Jeles sungguh ngan org yg pandai buat segala benda nih...

comey_lote said...

ye lah dia dah berpuluh tahun jadi surirumah..mana tak pandai..and bukan surirumah yg kat kg2 tu, dia yg jenis byk duit, boleh gi kelas itu ini..hehe

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