Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sew easy.

I managed to finish one soft bunny for Bonnie 2 days ago. Took me about 4-5 hours, figuring out, cutting the cloth, stuffing and sewing it. If I had a sewing machine I think it would only take me 1 1/2 hours the first time and less once I get the hang of it. Sewing by hand for me is really, really slow.

I enjoyed it though and Bonnie loved it. She's been bugging me to make more ever since. Really is satisfying to make toys for your child. I'm asking my husband to get me a sewing machine. Well, not only to sew crafts like this, but also to adjust the hems of trousers and jeans, repair clothes, and also learn to sew more things.

My mom would be proud if I learn to sew something that can actually be worn. :D Because she used to say that none of her daughters could sew (which is true. LOL). But she was really good at sewing. Made a living out of that skill of hers too. I can even remember her saying to me word by word in Malay that sewing isn't hard really, it takes interests and patience. Feel as if I'm not doing this only for myself, Bonnie and my husband but for her too.


si Dyah said...

You go girl!

This area is my handicapped. I really dont have interest and patience in sewing. But my mom, like yours is a very good at it. All our clothes when we were small were made by her.

Psst...a good sewing machine can fetch a very high price ya? hehehe Hope your hubby can be talked to buy one out for you :D

si Dyah said...

BTW...the bunny is soooo cute! :D

Syari said...

Thanks Dyah. :) For a noob like me, a cheap one would do. Even a second hand one would be good enough for learning.

I just need something to sew straight and faster than sewing by hand.

I managed to make another one for my daughter today too. Really slow but happy with the result. :)

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